The 25 Day Feature Film Challenge
The Mandarin Orange Boy
Screening @ MockFest Film Festival
on November 14th, 2010 @ 6:00pm


The Mandarin Orange Boy
Justice Rulz Claveria
Gianni Capaldi
Elias Cecil
Sophie Turner
Jona Xiao
Phillip Botello
Catherine Velarde
Christie Lynn Peterson
Sean Enns
Shannon Theule

Produced by G.R. Claveria
Written by G.R. Claveria & Alesha Claveria
Directed by Alesha Claveria

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No plan.
No time.
No problem.

From conception to completion, we will complete a feature film in no time, with no plan.

We started on July 7th and ended on July 31st with a film called "The Mandarin Orange Boy".

We’ve all heard the staggering numbers, blockbuster movies with one hundred million dollar budgets. Digital footage capture, and even some day perhaps being able to replace actors completely by programmed digital images, eliminating the need for exhorbanant actor salaries all seem poised to make the film business much more economical. Despite the promise of technology to make things cheaper, movie budgets keep reaching new heights. In fact, the most technological films, those relying on tons of CGI and blue screen, are often the most expensive. Though in Hollywood, emerging technologies seldom mean smaller budgets, there is one place where the dropping cost of new technologies does translate into a lowering of the entry threshold for you! You can make a decent quality film now for a mere fraction of what filmmakers needed just a few years ago.